Vision Fabrics Endurepel C0 Finish Announcement

At Vision Fabrics, we want to help create a better world for our customers, employees, family, and friends. Every day, we challenge ourselves on how we can be better and improve our environmental impact in our internal processes, products, and overall business operations. Starting January 1st all our inbound stock will be transitioning all Endurepel Shield and Endurepel Barrier from a C6 to a C0 finish. Please continue to read below to read about the history, where we are now, and what we are doing for the future!

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The History

The OECD (Organization of Economic Corp and Development) published a study that showed the damaging effects of PFAS. Regulations have been implemented to reduce PFAS as there is a large concern for long-term hazards to human health. 

A study done by the American Chemical Society in 2020 showed that there had been no significant difference in PFAS levels in homes. Thus, the push to remove all C6/C4.  

This now brings us to the use of C0. 

Where are we now?

To remain at the forefront of sustainability efforts in the industry, Vision Fabrics will be transitioning all fabrics finished with Endurepel Shield and Endurepel Barrier from a C6 to a C0 finish. This finishing will be 100% fluorocarbon-free (PFAS-free technology). All SKU names will remain the same. All Endurepel Shield finishing will automatically become C0. 

Changing from C6 to C0 requires a new understanding of what we can expect with respect to easy-cleanability performance. Our Endurepel C6 finish is equally water and oil-based stain-resistant. Our Endurepel C0 fluorine-free finish performs differently. Below are the key points of this performance: 

  • Water-based and low-alcohol-based stains perform the same as C6. The liquid will bead on the surface of the fabric as before, allowing for easy removal. 

  • Oil-based stains will not bead off the fabric. Instead, Endurepel Shield’s proprietary finish encourages an “easy-release” action. Spot cleaning with mild soap and water will help to release these stains from the fabric. 

  • Please note that the longer a stain is left on the fabric, the more difficult it is to remove. We, therefore, encourage immediate cleaning. 

  • For stubborn stains, we recommend spot cleaning with our Crypton Upholstery stain remover – part number CLEFA7073. Further information on this cleaner can be found on our website

What we are doing for the future 

We will start the new year with a step in the right direction. The quality of our C0 finishing has been of utmost importance to us. For this reason, we have chosen not to rush this transition process and have set the transition date to January 1st, 2023. The C6 finishing will be available on a custom-order basis only.

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Thank you for your understanding and patience during this transition process. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any additional questions. We want to be as transparent as possible throughout this process as we believe keeping you informed will help ensure the longevity of your products.